I’ve seen so many people my age fizzle out.  Its like we graduate, and immediately are supposed to choose what we are going to do for the rest of our lives.  Many, like myself, continue their education by going to school.  Not because they want to continue having homework due or strenuous exams, but because that’s what they are told to do, that’s the norm.  (funny that I’m typing this as I have three assignments due at midnight tonight, oh the joy haha). I’ve seen people immediately start their lives, working from nine to five, barely making enough to pay rent,to even buy food.   I’ve seen people join the military, not fulling understanding what they are signing up for,who ultimately end up hating it but are stuck.  And on the contrary, I’ve seen other’s who chose one of these routes and end up loving it,who prosper.  I think those are the lucky ones.  In fact I envy that people who have spent less than two decades on this earth, know exactly what they are going to pursue.  But at the same time I doubt. I have come to the conclusion that people never figure out what they want to do “for the rest of their lives”.

My whole life I have always wanted to explore, to know more.  I’ve never passed up an opportunity to experience a new part of life.  Since I was nine years old I’ve traveled all over the world by myself (thanks to my crazy mother),  meeting new people, trying new things, being fearless, but I’ve noticed something that has been constant.  Its the human confusion.  So many people have this look in their eyes as though they are lost, traveling with no known destination.

Just this past fall I decided to attend Real Estate School.  It’s not because I have some ultimate dream of selling houses for the rest of my life,but because it was practical.  I’m not at all at a point in my life where I can afford a house, but at the same time, I grew up being very perceptual.  Both of my parents were in the Real Estate business for fifteen years, and I saw what an asset being educated in a step most everyone has to take is.  I wanted to be educated on something that I may encounter in life, I wanted to know what to expect, and how to be prepared.  Knowledge is power.

I was the youngest in my class.  There was people from every stage of life.  People who were looking for a career change, mom’s who were looking for something to do, people who needed to be certified in order to obtain another certification within the field, retired people who were just looking to make extra cash to spend, you name it.  Most of these people had experienced a lot of life.  We all came from different backgrounds, different stories.  So many people, years older than me (and I mean years some had grandchildren older than me) all had the same lost look in their eyes.  Like they still had no idea what they were trying to do with their lives.  And, a lot of them have even bought a house, and in my opinion were asking some super basic questions.  That is terrifying!

This one lady was actually in the process of purchasing a house, the day prior she had experienced something that we were learning.  She raised her hand in confusion to ask a question, only to find out that her agent had informed her wrong, but there was nothing she could do because, of course she had already signed her soul away.  That just blows my mind.  We have so many resources in this generation.  You can type most anything into Google and at least gain some sort of idea on any topic.

I have this inner frustration.  There are so many “expectations” from the generations above my own; but in reality, most of them still have no idea what they are doing, and refuse to educate themselves.  People are constantly limiting themselves for no reason.  They are stuck in the same routine of life, but why? Because that’s what they “are supposed to do?”

Life is taken by so many with the wrong approach.  I know people always hear “do what you love” or “pursue your dreams”.  But how are you supposed to truly know if whenever you try to live and try new things, the same people same people who are constantly saying, “don’t do that it’s too risky” or “why would you work there, that creates no stability for the future”.  Yes, be practical, but do not be fearful.  There is a balance and this generation is filled with so many unhappy people who are working towards a life long dream, that was already planned for them.  Its insanity and its heart-breaking.  Because we are going to turn into all the people in my Real Estate class who have been on the planet for decades and still have this lost look in their eyes because we refused to live life and find our true forte.

Don’t get stuck in the rut that those guiding you have fallen into.  Don’t let someone else’s fears become your own.

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